STEM ALPHA was created since May 1998 by two engineers to carry out an activity of design, development and production of innovative culture media: research, health products (therapeutic products Annexes, medical devices production of biomolecules).

The idea of starting this innovative company is to avoid the use of products derived from human or animal origin, for cells, tissues and organs before therapeutic use in humans.

STEM ALPHA has been working since its creation to develop a synthetic serum to be used for the conservation and functional preservation of cells, tissues and organs and eventually tissue repair by cellular therapy before a Therapeutic use in humans.

More than five years of research and development were needed prior to the creation of a serum substitute devoid of any component of biological origin, which was the subject of a patent filing in 2003.

The company operates an international patent
(Inventor Daniel LICARI & Eve BERTHAULT issue No. 07/36 of 7/09/2007 Publication No. 2 856 891).

This major innovation at the sanitary level is susceptible to multiple applications for health products, cosmetic products, veterinary products.


STEM ALPHA is based in Saint Laurent de Chamousset, Rhône-Alpes, France.


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69930 Saint Laurent de Chamousset

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