Publications / Theses / Patents

Numerous publications make a reference to STEM ALPHA products used in diverse domains 


Haematology & Colony assay (STEM ALPHA.A, STEM ALPHA.1D...)


Stem Cells/ Progenitors in case of Leukemia (Various references)


Ancillary products : Cornea preservtion (STEM ALPHA.1, STEM ALPHA.2 & STEM ALPHA.3)


Hypoxia / hypercapnia (STEM ALPHA.S3)


Cryopreservation (STEM ALPHA.Cryo3)


Vaccine production (STEM ALPHA.VERO & STEM ALPHA.MDCK)


Scientific works gave rise to the publication of


- Doctoral theses


Ecole Polytechnique Paris, Spécialité : Physique


Ecole Doctorale des Sciences de la Vie Bordeaux, Spécialité : Sciencetechnologie


 - Patents