Liquid media

Liquid media

With or without serum.

Research Use Only

In compliance with the MEDDEV. 2.14/2 rev.1 February 2004, IVD GUIDANCE: Research Use Only Products  


RUO products used for Basic Research

These are products used for research conducted to study all aspects of human life in an attempt to better understand all underlying mechanisms.  In such studies / experiments animal and / or human models are used.  No medical purpose is defined, as the specimens taken are not being used for the purpose identified in the definition of an IVD device in the IVD Directive, article 1 2(b).  In such practice there is no potential to misuse RUO products. 


RUO products used in Pharmaceutical Research

This is research conducted to find new drug compounds.  The RUO products are used to verify the reactions to compounds in animal and / or human models.  In such practice there is no potential to misuse RUO products.  

Liquid media

STEM ALPHA offers you serum and serum-free liquid media adapted to your needs.


STEM ALPHA.A : a serum free media base medium, for your own conditions.